radio free south end online

     Down at the South End the winds of change blow like charged particles across the nettle fields.  Oh, I know, some folks think us old codgers are rocking away our halcyon days with a jug and a hound dog, keeping creaky cadence to our laid back lives.

        Hell, fire, man, we might be out here at the fringes of the American Archipelago on a fast drifting continental shelf racing toward sunset, but that doesn’t mean we’re isolated natives with bones in our noses snaring free range gooeyducks for dinner!

     This here blogsite is just a small chunk of the digital iceberg calving off the internet glacier as Analog puddles and evaporates in the brave new world of technological warming. 

    So pull up a rocker and sit back a spell with us.  We’re the digital cowboys now.  The new pioneers.  Lasso up that mouse and get ready for a frontier more vast than even the old growth nettle forests of our moonshine fevered imaginations.  This is Radio Free South End here.  Soon as we figure out how to do a damn podcast.  Meanwhile, just read it…..